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No Charges after Marriage -   Registration Fee US $ 350.00 (Non-Refundable) & Validity 12 Months.

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1. Registration Fees is non-refundable. Registration Fee is for service to provide compatibility search and match-ups through personal contacts, mail or advertisements. It, in no way guarantees the immediate or long term successful results.
2. All information kept confidential. Information would only be released to suitable matches.
3. Both parties do their own thorough checking to their satisfaction before making commitment of any kind. The information on the registration form will be checked for accuracy and completeness only on a good faith basis. No responsibility will be accepted for the accuracy of the information entered in the registration form.
4. Other relevant information provided in the form of pictures would be destroyed six months after the expiry of registration, unless special request is made to return them. Surface mail delivery will be used for such purposes.
5. For frequently asked questions visit us online at or send us a request.

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