Q: Who and when was Family Connections established?

Ans: Mrs. Mumtaz Qureshi of Clifton Women Welfare Society, Registered, (Established 1982) started Family Connections in Houston in 2000 to serve the needs and demands of Muslim community residing in U.S.A. Mrs. Mumtaz Qureshi has helped thousands of people in finding their life partners in Pakistan and abroad. Houston office is operated by Mrs. Huma Qureshi.

Q: What type of service do you offer at Family Connections?

Ans: We at Family Connections offer match making as social (consultation ) services. Our service aims at helping people find suitable matches for each other. We introduce families and individuals according to the criteria set by them for matrimonial purposes.

Q: What is your source of attracting clients?

Ans: A major section of our clients are repeat clients, recommended by previous clients and families who have taken our help previously and are now approaching us for other family members and friends. We do advertise weekly in English and Urdu language newspapers published and distributed in USA and Canada. We are online at

Q: What kind of guarantee do you offer for finding me a match?

Ans: We guarantee most sincere and honest effort in introducing you to individuals or families having suitable matches as per your and their criteria. Giving a guarantee is something beyond our control as a lot of other factors are involved in making this process or marriage a success.

Q: How many matches will I be shown?

Ans: Each week we are contacted by 10 to 12 new clients. Out of these you would be introduced to clients which match your and their criteria and requirements like age, education, marital status and location etc. It is really hard to say how many matches will be shown to you each month. Each case is unique and we explain very clearly in the beginning the chances of finding someone for you based on our experience in this field.

Q: Do you use computers to match the prospective life partners?

Ans: We use computers only to maintain our database. We pull up matches from our database based on initial criteria such as like age, level of education, martial status and location etc. In our culture when you matching a couple for matrimonial purposes you are not only bringing two life partners together, but the two families too. It takes beyond the initial criteria matched by a database to introduce someone close to their requirement. Matching is done personally by Mrs. Huma Qureshi, based on the initial personal interview and discussion she had with you or the person representing you. In our experience this methods saves a lot of time for our clients eliminating matches which might not be suited for them. Matching by computer might work for dating, but not for finding a life partner.

Q: Do you personally know your clients?

Ans: Not all of them. It is very seldom that we know our clients. Most of the clients like you have been recommended by our satisfied clients or seen our advertisement and contacted us. They provide us with their personal information. The information on the registration form is accepted for accuracy and completeness only on a good faith basis. Both parties have to do their own thorough checking to their satisfaction before making commitment of any kind. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of the information entered in the registration form. In cases where it brought to our attention that an individual has misrepresented him self in providing us information, we cancel their registration or not register them at all. Thius is test

Q: Is my personal information and photograph kept confidential?

Ans: All personal information and photographs are kept highly confidential. Relevant personal information only is released to suitable matches on need to know basis. We ask for your photograph only to help us match couples, but Photographs are exchanged by parties involved

Q: Why do you charge fees upfront and how much do we have to pay after wedding?

Ans: When Mrs. Mumtaz Qureshi established Clifton Women Welfare 20 years ago she had pledged that she would not charge any money in this process. Over time it was realized that we had operating expenses to cover, for example phone, advertisement, printing, mailings, website, salaries and other miscellaneous expenses. Thus we started charging nominal fees upfront to cover these expenses from people who can afford it. Thus when we are introducing you to a prospective match we have no monetary gain motives or hidden incentive in lying to or pressurizing you to accept the proposal. In cases where we feel, we have little chance in helping an individual for any reason we tell them upfront, take their initial information and not take any money from them.