About Us

Mrs. Mumtaz Qureshi, chairperson, established Clifton Women Welfare Society (CWWS) as a community social welfare service organization in 1982 to help people get married. A branch office was opened at Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi in 1984. Clifton Women Welfare Society is a registered social welfare organization whose aim is to help people get married at nominal service charges. When CWWS was established people were only charged Rs. 100 as charges for the CWWS services. The service charge was imposed for two reasons. Firstly to meet operational expenses such as salaries, telephones, advertisements etc. Secondly it was noticed that without charges the people did not take the service seriously. As compared to this commercial marriage bureaus are charging thousands of rupees for these services and generally have a very bad reputation for reasons of fraudulent exploitation of people.

With time Mrs. Mumtaz Qureshi and Clifton Women Welfare Society has become a household name in the field of match making not merely in Pakistan but also in Middle East, Europe, Canada and USA where Pakistanis reside in large numbers and face serious problems finding matches for their sons and daughters. So far she has helped thousands of people in finding their life partners.

CWWS match making consultation service operates by introducing families and individuals according to the criteria set by them for matrimonial purposes. It also offers free of charge mediation services to settle marriage problems if any. While it understandably cannot guarantee the outcome, one thing CWWS guarantees is sincere effort in meeting clients requirements. Its rate of success in finding suitable matches is very high, something like 65 percent. And the rate of successful marriages, marriages that continue, is 95 percent. A very large number of CWWS new clients come on the recommendation of those who have already benefited from the service. A large number are also repeat clients and families who have taken CWWS help previously and are now looking for matches for other family members are friends.

CWWS also advertises weekly in leading English and Urdu language newspapers in Pakistan.
**CWWS registration is also available on line from outside Pakistan and from cities other than Karachi. For more information contact on